San Valentine’s Day meaning to you.

San Valentine’s day is around the corner, and although many of us celebrate it; there are many people who do not. Why is this? Well, for many a specific day isn’t necessary to show their love or affection. For others, this is merely a commercial day that help big enterprises to make more sales. Other people are simply disappointed by love and for the rest, this is just a common day.

What does this day mean to you? Perhaps, you have a partner and you’ll spend this day with him or her instead of just giving them a present. If you are single, you’re probably going to spend this day with your friends and exchange some presents as well. In my opinion, beyond the materialistic things, we should use this day to focus on what we can do to improve the relationships that we already have.

It’s true that we like to give and receive some things because the detail is found in the intention that the person makes when giving you something. If you think about it, the gift itself doesn’t help if you don’t pay attention to what really matters. We might forget the gift later on, but we don’t forget the effort that our partner put to make our relationship work. Have you thought that perhaps, there’s something else you can do to demonstrate your genuine love and interest for the relationship to work with your partner? Is there a pending conversation? Is there an apology you haven’t made? Sometimes our pride causes us to remain silent about what we feel. Sometimes the need to be the stronger one in the relationship makes us hide our feelings and vulnerability. Sometimes you don’t want to look like you’re deeply in love, out of fear that they may take advantage of your love. We all do this and when we do, we end up making a lot of mistakes. Out of fear of being hurt, we end up hurting others.

Whether you’re a couple or just friends, this San Valentine’s Day reflect on the true meaning of a relationship. Keep in mind that both love and friendship do go beyond the materialistic things. The effort that you put into your relationship is what matters, which includes the ability to express how you really feel. Communication and trust are key factors for any relationship. Not only on this day, but everyday try to maintain that friendship with your partner or friend. Create a beautiful bond in your relationship. If for some reason one day it ends, at least you will have a beautiful memory. Express your love, don’t be afraid. If you don’t win, at least you’ll learn.

Josselyn Delgado - San Francisco, CA

Chadwick BurnawComment