What is The Diaspora Party?


Since our ancestors stepped on the shores of these continents, music has been a center piece of the black experience in the Americas. There isn’t a single genre of music that plays in the Americas that black people didn’t birth. Hip hop? Yeah of course. Salsa music? Yep. Rock and Roll? Yeah, we did that too! Black people have given birth to dozens of genres of music, in almost a half of a dozen languages, that are beloved by almost a billion people. Which even includes many people who love black music, more than black people.


About 15 times more of our ancestors ended up on the shores of Latin America than the shores of modern day United States. To this day, the population of Afro-Latinos is 4x the population of African Americans and I’m positive that if the data were collected better it would reflect a number closer to 10x.

From Port-Au-Prince to Bahia, from Lima to Kingston and from Atlanta to Oakland,

black people have been creating earth shattering rhythms for the past 400 years that have been making people move and connect. Sweat and drool, love and lust, inspired and desired. This achievement of creating a lasting affect on the human experience is one to be celebrated.


So you asked, “What is The Diaspora Party?”

It’s an opportunity to reclaim our connection. A night to forget our differences and to focus on our shared history. A night to forget the names of the countries that our ancestors ended up in, that we so proudly claim as ours. A night to celebrate what has always been ours. The beat. The music.

I’ll see you there.

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Chadwick Burnaw