While many things happen in our daily lives, we all would love for some moments to last forever. Those moments when we feel total happiness; those are the moments we should chase the most.

Happiness is a word that contains a lot of meaning. When I think of happiness, I am reminded of my love for my family and dancing. I envision myself in the middle of nature enjoying a beautiful view with my loved ones. When I think of happiness I am in peace with my subconscious self.

Happiness is found within ourselves. We create our happiness; being happy is a decision. The attitude that we possess toward what happens to us is what brings us to be at peace, no matter the circumstances. I know, this sounds way too positive for some, as if the world were painted in pink. It isn’t. If the world has problems going on all of the time, why would I allow it to affect me negatively? If I do so, I’m letting the world to control me. I’m not saying that we have to ignore the reality in which we live. It’s not okay to be quiet and inactive in the face of injustice.

However, we shouldn’t stop enjoying the good times, because of the bad ones. If we paid most of our attention to the bad times, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good times the way we are meant to. We’ve got to focus on what we enjoy. What makes you happy? What are you passionate about? What aligns your soul, mind and body? What gives you peace?

There is a bunch of things that we love to do. Being with family, eating a delicious dessert, seeing someone you love after a long time, traveling, dancing, painting, singing, writing, playing soccer, etc. Choose what makes you happy! Don’t be worried, neither sad nor mad. YOLO! Seriously, we don’t know which day will be our last on this earth.

Believe me, once you’ve had a close experience with death, you value every single beautiful moment more. You dare to say “I love you” frequently, and you choose to make yourself really happy despite the odds in life. Make your life worth living.

Josselyn Delgado - San Francisco,

Chadwick BurnawComment