Yes, the government should take your guns away.

Before I begin, I have a message for those gun advocates out there reading this article. I want to state that I am a peaceful man who is expressing his opinion for the better of society. Please do not send me threats or harm me in any way. It has been my experience through debating with gun advocates for many years, that I have found that they are some of the most sensitive groups out there. Ironically, our debates often end with some sort of passive threat that often sounds like “I bet you wouldn’t say that to my face”. Yeah homie, you definitely sound like an emotionally stable gun owner.

This week Maryland continued on its path to prevent mass shootings by being protected by the federal appeals courts which upheld its 2008 ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. First off, let me make clear what this means since there are a lot of paranoid gun-nuts misleading people into thinking that in fact the government is coming for your guns. This basically means that you will be unable to acquire new arms that resemble those issued by the military. That means that no more AR-15s, among other assault rifles that shoot more bullets than in the Terminator movie. However if the weapon was purchased before this law passed you will be able to keep these weapons, but you won't be able to transfer them to someone else. To which I say good! But it's not enough. The government should confiscate all assault weapons from every individual in the U.S. And I mean all.

There is no need for anyone to own assault rifles. That means you shouldn’t have one to hunt, protect your home, protect yourself from racist police or for anything else. What if you are a far right extremist who wants to be ready for a government take over by a communist leader? I'm sorry but that will never happen. Now if you are a revolucionario at heart and worried about Trump. I feel you sister/brother, but you know what? Over 80% of gun owners are right-wing extremist who voted for Trump and will see you as the enemy. These people will fight you if Pelo de Elote decides to suppress social movements opposing his tyrannical government. That means that allowing assault rifles to be sold to citizens will result in more Trump supporters being heavily armed. Don't forget the private armed citizens who stood side-by-side with cops when they were “overseeing” the protests against police shootings.

For those who want to be leftist militants who think we should arm ourselves to protect us from racist cops, ya’ll are crazy. If cops are shooting minorities with snickers in their hand, what makes you think they won’t shoot you when you're holding a gun the size of Shakira?

We are currently in a race to achieve a sense of security that will never happen by arming ourselves with heavy weaponry. This is not only a reflection of our society, but most leaders of the world at large. Perhaps we should stop to think if what we really want is a world where everyone is armed? Or a world where no one possesses weapons that can kill a mass amount of people? A total world disarmament of heavy weaponry. This, I believe, is the only way to peace and we must start with ourselves, in our own families and in our own communities.

Xavier Galindo - San Francisco, CA

Chadwick BurnawComment